SOLITUDE body+mind is the creation of Margo Reed.

After a successful career in interior architecture running multiple projects at a time, managing staff, clients, expectations, councils and trades I was completely overwhelmed and stressed out which unfortunately is the reality for us all these days. My incredible partner would run a bath for me while I was on my way home as having some space to myself and nourishing my nervous system with salts and essential oils was the only thing that would revive me for the next day, as well as be present for him and our relationship. Around the same time I also started Vedic meditation through The Broad Place which opened my eyes to the fact that my body and mind couldn’t keep doing this and after crying in the middle of Bondi Beach far too many times I decided to take 2018 away from the industry I know.

Stepping away gave me the space to find myself again and play around with past interests such as essential oils, cooking, gardening and creating with my hands.

By helping myself this in turn created SOLITUDE body+mind which is here to help others in need of self-care and time out from their busy daily schedule. I know how lucky I am to have had space but it’s just not a reality for most of us so if I can help with an incredible bath experience for someone to enjoy for themselves or gift to another then it is a success.