As a business whose “soul” purpose is to provide others with love, relaxation and self-care it doesn't stop with our beautiful products. Knowing that so many people, all over the world, have little access to clean drinking water while we soothe our stress away in a luxurious bath means we have to help in whatever way we can.
So, for each SOLITUDE purchase made please know that a donation will be made to our selected charity, Charity:water who focus on providing rural communities all over the world with access to clean water.
And it goes further than just water. It provides girls with educations where once they walked each day to collect the water for their families, it provides sanitation and education around hygiene and health and it also creates long term infrastructure and businesses.
So when you relax into your next SOLITUDE bath remember that not only are you helping yourself with self-care and relaxation but you’re also helping those in need…
one bath at a time xx
For more information or to make a donation visit Charity: Water