The lighting of Palo Santo gives off a relaxing sweet yet woody scent based on citrus, mint and pine. Palo Santo smoke and scent helps to purify which is why we recommend smudging your bathroom before running your bath and immersing into your SOLITUDE experience. It can also be used as a ritual before meditation as the scent will help calm the body and mind along with helping your focus.

To use: Light the Palo Santo stick and let it catch alight, allowing to burn for approximately 30 seconds. Once lit gently blow the flame out and waft the smoke into all corners of the room and across your body. When finished place in a heat proof dish allowing the glow to go out. Never leave smoking Palo Santo unattended. Take in a deep breath of the Palo Santo scent and relax into its calmness. Relight as needed.

Our Palo Santo bundles are sourced sustainably and ethically from South America and come in bundles of 4 sticks. Each stick is approximately 10cm in length.

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